Can You Go To Disney at the Last Minute?

OK Friends, you can ABSOLUTELY take a last minute trip to Disney. If you are thinking about a Disney trip, just do it! You won’t regret it and you can truly have an amazing trip with very little notice. I have planned a week long Disney trip in 5 weeks or less multiple times and you can too!

Here are the crucial steps you need to take to line up that last minute trip:

  1. Check for park reservations. You currently cannot get into the parks without a reservation. No park reservations will make your trip a bust…whatever you do don’t skip this step!
  2. Buy tickets. You have to have purchased tickets to make your park reservations. If reservations are available on the days you want to go, buy your tickets and then immediately make your park reservations.
  3. Book your transportation.
  4. Find a hotel room. There are tons of Disney hotel rooms and even more in the Orlando area. Pick your price range and get searching!
  5. Book a few dining reservations. Don’t let this part freak you out. There are more than 200 restaurants on Disney property alone. You will not starve if you don’t make reservations but a few choice dining selections can really enhance your trip. If you find a restaurant you are really interested in but can’t find a reservation, don’t give up! If you keep checking back, refreshing the app and changing your time window things will frequently pop up. I have snagged some of the hardest dining reservations within a few days just by checking frequently.

Last minute trips require a little more flexibility. You might not be able to get the perfect hotel room, the best dining reservations or the park reservations you want in your preferred order but you can HAVE FUN and you can MAKE MAGICAL MEMORIES! You might even be surprised at how less planning/structure in your trip can make it even more fun.

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