Is Christmas What Disney Does Best?

Are you looking to make truly magical Disney memories with your kids? Everyone who takes kids to Disney dreams of having the magical family moments and making dreamy core memories. The most vivid, magical, core Disney memory I have with my kiddos took place at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and that’s what keeps me going back every year.

So I probably wouldn’t have a Disney blog if I did love Disney and I love all things Disney but…there is one event that has become my all-time favorite Disney thing.

That event is…Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Snow on Disney’s Main Street USA

What makes the Christmas party my favorite? Well, here are a few of the key things.

  1. The Christmas parade – To have the magic of a Disney parade mixed with the magic of Christmas brings an experience you’ll never forget! This parade is filled with Disney characters and ends with an appearance of the big man himself.
  2. Low wait times – With afterhours events, the crowds are significantly lower which means that wait times are significantly lower. Many rides will be close to being walk-ons during this party. This allows you so much freedom! The second year we went to the Christmas party, my youngest declared Space Ranger Spin as his favorite ride. He was crazy about it! The low Christmas party lines made it so that he and my husband could ride and then go right back on within 5-10 minutes. I think they rode 10 times during this one party.
  3. Snow – ok…this may sound a little silly and I know the snow is fake but I love the snow on Main Street USA! Even if you live in a place where it actually snows and even if that snow is sometimes a nuisance to you…the snow on Main Street, while the Christmas music is playing and there’s beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere, is guaranteed make you smile.
  4. Core memories – Someone recently asked me what my best Disney core memory is. There are so many wonderful memories but it didn’t take me long to land on my #1 favorite. The memory that topped them all is the first time I got to watch the Christmas parade with my kids and then watched them try to catch snowflakes on Main Street. My oldest has always been one of those kids who’s just not really impressed by anything. He is the king of “no selling” but the first time he watched this parade his face lit up. The way he smiled and pointed out all of the characters as they came through…that…that is my favorite Disney memory and that is what trips to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party are made of.

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