Peaceful Moments at the Craziest Place on Earth

Today, I had a great morning. The weather is beautiful and it’s Saturday so I didn’t have to rush off to work. I made my coffee and headed out to the patio to just relax and enjoy the morning. As I sat there, I started to notice the little things that were making me smile. The birds singing, the blue of the morning sky, the cool breeze and the steam rolling off of my fresh cup of joe. As I thought about the joy I was feeling, I started to ponder what it is in the most magical place on Earth that brings me moments of joy.

Most of the time, I am a person who truly enjoys peaceful moments of solitude so I often find myself wondering why am I so happy at what could be considered one of the craziest places on Earth. As I pondered, these are the moments I came up with.

Enjoying my Joffrey’s Shaken Jamaican cold brew while sauntering through the World Showcase.
  • A good drink and a slow stroll. My drink of choice for this adventure is typically a Joffrey’s cold brew. If you haven’t tried it and you love a good cold brew, grab a Joffrey’s Shaken Jamaican the next time you visit the parks. Not a coffee person? Any drink will do! So grab a drink, and take a few minutes for a slow walk to absorb some of the Disney details. My favorite strolls are down Main Street, through the World Showcase countries, the trails around the Tree of Life and through One Man’s Dream in Hollywood Studios.
  • Laughing with my kids. I don’t know about you, but when we are at home we are constantly on the go. One of the things that I love about any type of family vacation, is that we are all in one place, going the same direction. Even though Disney can feel like a jam packed vaca, take a breath and appreciate those moments like throwing your hands in the air and laughing through all the ups and downs of a ride on Slinky Dog Dash.
  • A ride on the Skyliner. So the Disney Skyliner is supposed to be a method of transportation but we rarely use it for that. You can hop on at anytime and just make a loop. The Skyliner is a great opportunity to catch your breath, put your feet up and take in the beautiful scenery as you glide through the air around the parks.
  • A spin on a peaceful classic. Two Magic Kingdom classics immediately come to mind when I’m thinking about a peaceful classic. The first is Dumbo. So I know it may seem incredibly silly for a grown adult to be telling you do ride Dumbo for a peaceful, happy moment but just trust me on this one. There is nothing fussy or adrenaline inducing in this ride. It is simple joy that will just make you feel like a kid again. The second is the Peoplemover. This attraction looks simple and maybe even boring but it’s not. Hop on, put your bag down and your feet up and enjoy this relaxing tour of Tomorrowland.
Memory Maker Magic Shot with Kevin from Up.
  • Taking a fun family photo. I highly recommend the Memory Maker photo option that Disney offers. There are cast members stationed around all of the parks whose sole purpose is to capture great family photos for you. Don’t pass these by! Many times these photographers may ask you to strike a silly pose and you may feel pretty awkward about it but playing along will give you a chance to have a fun moment with your crew and your pic will have a little surprise in it once it shows up in your account.


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